11 June, 2021 Estate planning

The Importance of Estate Planning: What, why, who, and how explained

The Importance of Estate Planning What, why, who, and how explained

Estate planning is all about protecting your loved ones by planning a smooth transfer of your assets to your heirs. It’s about giving you peace of mind knowing your heirs are protected and will receive the legacy you intended for them.

Although estate plans are customized, depending on unique personal circumstances, the main benefits of implementing an estate strategy are basically the same. Specific estate planning needs are determined by your age, relationship, family status, and, of course, your accumulated assets, even if these are minimum at present. The point is that estate planning can help everyone achieve these common goals:

  1. Manage your legacy.
  2. Avoid or minimize family disagreements.
  3. Ensure a smooth wealth transfer.

Learn more about the What, What, Who, and How of Estate Planning in this infographic.

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