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17 September, 2019

ETFs vs Mutual Funds

The topic of fees is often a hard one for investors to wrap their heads around. Specifically, how much do you pay for the advice or...

17 September, 2019

Core and Explore

When you think of investing in the stock market, does the word “casino” come to mind? There are many people out there who do equate...

17 September, 2019


Bob and Jane came into my office last week to get a second opinion and lay down the basis for a financial plan. We had never met before...

9 July, 2019

Wealthier and Financially Healthier

People tend to think of financial advice as being purely about money management. And it’s true that Financial Advisors have been shown...

26 March, 2019

Our Perspective – A Case of Market Flu

In this four-minute video, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, Rana Chauhan, tackles the causes for the recent market volatility, and points out that there is goo